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SHINee is like oxigen

Mr. oh-so-sexy Ch2

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Mr. oh-so-sexy Ch2

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Title:Mr Oh-so-sexy
Pairing: 2min, slight: Jongkey
Rating: NC-17
Genre:Fluff, humor, romance
Warning: English is not my native language, so sorry for my mistakes ><
Note: a pretty short chapter, but it needed to end here

-Key Umma can you belive it? I just kissed him, and he kissed me back, then he dared to threaten me he will makes me fail if I dont become a good boy.
-He is a teacher.
-So what? – I looked at him questioningly
-Aish… he cant be with his students that way you want him. – explained
-That’s right. There is no problem with my sexy butt… He just dont want to lose his miserable. But Umma, what should I do now?
-Look for another prey. There are plenty of fish int he sea, come with me to a party tonight.
-Wont jonghyun be jelous?
-He comes with me. – Cool, he will have fun with him, while I can search for a replacement freely. – We will waiting for you at 7 in front of your house.

At home I couldnt choose what to wear. I have a lot of sexy clothes, but which would be the best. After hours of searching, I found a tight black pair of pants, which is ripped at the backside, so my smooth tight will be showing. Then I found a white t-shirt which shows of my back, because of the netted backside. This two would be perfect. Yeah Lee Taemin it would be perfect if you were a bitch, who fucks for money. No… it would be too much. But then which one should I choose. Hmm… my thighs are pretty nice, but people wouldnt notice it as fast as my uncovered back. Okay, so I need another pair of pants. A simple thight grey jeans is enough. I also applied a little eyliner, and I straightened my red hair. After I tought I was ready I checked myself int he mirror. Hmm, Taemin you look extremly delicious. As I got in front of my house, Key and Jongyhun had already waited for me. I walked to the car, and knocked ont he window. Key got his tounge back in his own mouth and looked at me like I would be a serial killer. But hey, I just want to go to that freaking party. After that awkard moment Jonghyun hyung let me in his car, and we left. I was really bored during the ride, so I looked around int he car. I opened a drawer, and guess what I found? No! A loads of condoms arranged in lines, hmm… the red ones must be strawberry flavored. I borrowed two piece, I’m sure he won’t miss them. I tried to avoid the lot of images which are flowing in my mind about umma and Jongie having sex all night long. They must have a lot of stamina.

It was rather small club, but as I saw there are still VIP rooms. Maybe latter I will use them. Haha… I went to the bartender immediately and ordered a vodka with orange juice. And then one more, and one more. After I started to feel the effect of the alcohol, I went to the dance floor, maybe there will be some really good looking guy to seduce.
Okay there must be something wrong. I have already tried to hypnotize 3 fucking guy with my sexiness but they all refused me. What happened? It must be because of that idiot teacher. He took my luck? Or my beauty? NOOO! That cant be true. I ran to the restroom to check myself in the mirror. I clearly see nothing. I’M still as stunning as I was before I left my house, apart from the swear covering me and my eyes are a bit clouded because of the alcohol. But It just makes me even more desirable, dont you think so? Aish… why am I so desperate, in normal case they try to get me. Yeah thats right, so I just need to wait till they come to me and try to make their way on me. I headed back to the dance floor, and I was having fun carefree. The next thing I remembered was a hot, sweaty body which pressed against my back, one arm snaked around my waist. He started to kiss my neck, and huged me even more thighter so I couldnt turn around. Hey Mister! I couldnt even see your face but you try to rape in this crowd. Okay he must be really ugly if he doesnt want to face me. But I’ll be gracious and give him this dance. He was kinda good, I mean he could move his hips like hell. He sucked on my neck, and I moaned and I let my head fell onto his broad shoulders. Hey like this I can see his face… Wait he is…. Noooooo, He cant be Minho!

A/N: I know in this chapter Taemin maybe a bit too narcissist  XD

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