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SHINee is like oxigen

Mr. oh-so-sexy Ch3

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Mr. oh-so-sexy Ch3

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 Title:Mr Oh-so-sexy
Pairing: 2min, slight: Jongkey
Rating: NC-17
Genre:Fluff, humor, romance
Warning: English is not my native language, so sorry for my mistakes ><

Taemin Pov
Immediately I straightened my neck, and started to strugle in his hug. He leaned to my ears, and murmured:
-Whats the problem my sweet kitten? – Huh?? Is he really my freakin’ teacher? He kissed my cheeks, and now surprisingly wanted to turn me around to kiss me, but I didnt let him. Okay I just didnt want to let him, cause he was by far more stronger than me so he could finally face me. He didnt even look at me, but kissed me passionately. I could taste alcohol on his lips. He must be drunken. Well it explains everything. But hell what a sex demon is my teacher when he is drunken. Will he remember it? Will he recognize me? His hands were stuck on my ass and squeezed it really hard. Someone is really horny… well, besides me. I started to walk towards a wall where I pin him down – or at least I tried to. He smiled in our kiss and whispered to me which I could hear though the loud music.
-What a playful little kitten.
-Dont you like it? – Slowly I moved away so he could look at my face. I smiled at him teasingly, licking my lips. As I backed away from him I let go his hands and with a last mischievous look, I left him. If he recognized me, he wont follow me, or he is just to drunken not to follow me. I walked to the bartender and asked for one more vodka. Soon he came next to me, and paid my drink, winking at me. He also drank a whisky before he grabbed my hand and drag me to the stairs. Oh My fucking God! I knew Jonghyun hyung condoms will be useful tonight, but I wouldnt even dreamed about having sex with Mr. Hotness. He lead me to one of the rooms. Wait why did the guard let him in without asking for money, or special card, or something they should ask for using VIP rooms? Its suspicious. Maybe he is not my teacher? Yeah that would be answer to everything. Cuz who belived that my fucking conservative teacher could be such an erotic devil? He must have a twin brother… or just a simple unknown man with the same hypnotizing face who now wants to rape me. And kidnap me, and then use me as his sex slave and…. Okay Taemin stop thinking its not your best ability. When I finaly come back to reality he have already thrown me to the bed and locked the door. He looked at me with fiery eyes. I came closer to me, and crawled on top of me.

Third pov
He crawled onto the lustful teen and kissed him passionately. Taemin arched his back for a little friction on his half erected member. Minho’s wet lips moved downer to ravish the sensitive skin of the younger’s neck. He sucked on it eagerly while his arms were invading the skintight pants of the boy. Can you imagine how hard is to remove a simple belt when you are drunken? Seeing his battle with the belt Taemin helped him, so Minho had 2 more free hand to take off his and his partner’s shirts. After discarding all the unnecessary clothes the older reached under the pillows where – magically, or not? – he found a bottle of lube. He coated his fingers with the lubricant and shoved two fingers in the hot cavern of the younger. Taemin shrieked, and bit on his own lips to prevent his painful screams to come out. The little not so innocent looking boy have already had some experiences about sex. Okay considering his young age making out with 5 different guys in 2 years is kinda lot.
-Dont hold it back, I wanna hear your voice. – Minho commanded.
Minho slightly licked the teen’s cock, to erase his pain. Taemin griped the others hair wanted some more from the elder’s delicious tongue. Minho inserted his third finger and he immediately started to scissor in his moist inside. The other really loved Minho’s roughness, and groaned in pleasure. After a few tries the older touched the teen’s sweet spot which caused another high pitched scream. Taemin gasped hard and tried to form words on his shaking mouth.
-Mihn…hoh… Ih…ngh… whant… youh… in – he couldn’t finish his sentence because a pair of burning lips were sealing his incoherent words. Minho grasped the younger’s thigh and spread them wide open, so he had totally free access to the inviting hotness of the teen. He lubricated his rock hard member, and slammed in Taemin’s wet cavern.
-Minhoooo – screamed Taemin in pleasure which mixed with some pain.
-You are so freaking tight and hot. I’m gonna cum right away. – stated the heated reality.
Minho needed to wait a little to adjust to the clenching hole while he was sucking on the younger’s neck. Taemin was squeezing the back muscles of his partner, gasping loudly. He jerked his own hips, he was too horny to wait anymore. Minho understood his signal and started to move quickly. Taemin reached his tiny hands between their stomachs and stroked his neglected cock. His hands were moving in a complete different rhythm. Minho thrusted even deeper in the teen which caused he hit his prostate again. He repeated it several times until Taemin was close to coming.
-I’m…gonhna… - mumbled the boy
-Meeh to… - came the answer
Minho fastened his pace and they cum together. The younger between their tummy and onto his hand, the older inside Taemin’s hotness. Minho collapsed onto the teen, and panted in his neck. Catching up his breath he rolled off Taemin, and lied next to him. The boy turned his head and looked at his teacher. After a quality time he thought about weather he knows who is Taemin, or he will remember it.

Taemin pov
I dont really want him to forget it either he will act cold towars me again. Hell it was the best sex I've ever had. Okay that five one I had earlier were not that bad. But THIS!! Under his idiot teacher mask, he is a heavy partier. And a demon in the bed

A/N: I had rewrite it like 3 times, but I hope this last version is kinda good.
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