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SHINee is like oxigen

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June 18th, 2011

Mr. oh-so-sexy Ch3

 Title:Mr Oh-so-sexy
Pairing: 2min, slight: Jongkey
Rating: NC-17
Genre:Fluff, humor, romance
Warning: English is not my native language, so sorry for my mistakes ><

Taemin Pov
Immediately I straightened my neck, and started to strugle in his hug. He leaned to my ears, and murmured:
-Whats the problem my sweet kitten? – Huh?? Is he really my freakin’ teacher? He kissed my cheeks, and now surprisingly wanted to turn me around to kiss me, but I didnt let him. Okay I just didnt want to let him, cause he was by far more stronger than me so he could finally face me. He didnt even look at me, but kissed me passionately. I could taste alcohol on his lips. He must be drunken. Well it explains everything. But hell what a sex demon is my teacher when he is drunken. Will he remember it? Will he recognize me? His hands were stuck on my ass and squeezed it really hard. Someone is really horny… well, besides me. I started to walk towards a wall where I pin him down – or at least I tried to. He smiled in our kiss and whispered to me which I could hear though the loud music.
-What a playful little kitten.
-Dont you like it? – Slowly I moved away so he could look at my face. I smiled at him teasingly, licking my lips. As I backed away from him I let go his hands and with a last mischievous look, I left him. If he recognized me, he wont follow me, or he is just to drunken not to follow me. I walked to the bartender and asked for one more vodka. Soon he came next to me, and paid my drink, winking at me. He also drank a whisky before he grabbed my hand and drag me to the stairs. Oh My fucking God! I knew Jonghyun hyung condoms will be useful tonight, but I wouldnt even dreamed about having sex with Mr. Hotness. He lead me to one of the rooms. Wait why did the guard let him in without asking for money, or special card, or something they should ask for using VIP rooms? Its suspicious. Maybe he is not my teacher? Yeah that would be answer to everything. Cuz who belived that my fucking conservative teacher could be such an erotic devil? He must have a twin brother… or just a simple unknown man with the same hypnotizing face who now wants to rape me. And kidnap me, and then use me as his sex slave and…. Okay Taemin stop thinking its not your best ability. When I finaly come back to reality he have already thrown me to the bed and locked the door. He looked at me with fiery eyes. I came closer to me, and crawled on top of me.

Third pov
He crawled onto the lustful teen and kissed him passionately. Taemin arched his back for a little friction on his half erected member. Minho’s wet lips moved downer to ravish the sensitive skin of the younger’s neck. He sucked on it eagerly while his arms were invading the skintight pants of the boy. Can you imagine how hard is to remove a simple belt when you are drunken? Seeing his battle with the belt Taemin helped him, so Minho had 2 more free hand to take off his and his partner’s shirts. After discarding all the unnecessary clothes the older reached under the pillows where – magically, or not? – he found a bottle of lube. He coated his fingers with the lubricant and shoved two fingers in the hot cavern of the younger. Taemin shrieked, and bit on his own lips to prevent his painful screams to come out. The little not so innocent looking boy have already had some experiences about sex. Okay considering his young age making out with 5 different guys in 2 years is kinda lot.
-Dont hold it back, I wanna hear your voice. – Minho commanded.
Minho slightly licked the teen’s cock, to erase his pain. Taemin griped the others hair wanted some more from the elder’s delicious tongue. Minho inserted his third finger and he immediately started to scissor in his moist inside. The other really loved Minho’s roughness, and groaned in pleasure. After a few tries the older touched the teen’s sweet spot which caused another high pitched scream. Taemin gasped hard and tried to form words on his shaking mouth.
-Mihn…hoh… Ih…ngh… whant… youh… in – he couldn’t finish his sentence because a pair of burning lips were sealing his incoherent words. Minho grasped the younger’s thigh and spread them wide open, so he had totally free access to the inviting hotness of the teen. He lubricated his rock hard member, and slammed in Taemin’s wet cavern.
-Minhoooo – screamed Taemin in pleasure which mixed with some pain.
-You are so freaking tight and hot. I’m gonna cum right away. – stated the heated reality.
Minho needed to wait a little to adjust to the clenching hole while he was sucking on the younger’s neck. Taemin was squeezing the back muscles of his partner, gasping loudly. He jerked his own hips, he was too horny to wait anymore. Minho understood his signal and started to move quickly. Taemin reached his tiny hands between their stomachs and stroked his neglected cock. His hands were moving in a complete different rhythm. Minho thrusted even deeper in the teen which caused he hit his prostate again. He repeated it several times until Taemin was close to coming.
-I’m…gonhna… - mumbled the boy
-Meeh to… - came the answer
Minho fastened his pace and they cum together. The younger between their tummy and onto his hand, the older inside Taemin’s hotness. Minho collapsed onto the teen, and panted in his neck. Catching up his breath he rolled off Taemin, and lied next to him. The boy turned his head and looked at his teacher. After a quality time he thought about weather he knows who is Taemin, or he will remember it.

Taemin pov
I dont really want him to forget it either he will act cold towars me again. Hell it was the best sex I've ever had. Okay that five one I had earlier were not that bad. But THIS!! Under his idiot teacher mask, he is a heavy partier. And a demon in the bed

A/N: I had rewrite it like 3 times, but I hope this last version is kinda good.

June 16th, 2011

Mr. oh-so-sexy Ch2

Title:Mr Oh-so-sexy
Pairing: 2min, slight: Jongkey
Rating: NC-17
Genre:Fluff, humor, romance
Warning: English is not my native language, so sorry for my mistakes ><
Note: a pretty short chapter, but it needed to end here

-Key Umma can you belive it? I just kissed him, and he kissed me back, then he dared to threaten me he will makes me fail if I dont become a good boy.
-He is a teacher.
-So what? – I looked at him questioningly
-Aish… he cant be with his students that way you want him. – explained
-That’s right. There is no problem with my sexy butt… He just dont want to lose his miserable. But Umma, what should I do now?
-Look for another prey. There are plenty of fish int he sea, come with me to a party tonight.
-Wont jonghyun be jelous?
-He comes with me. – Cool, he will have fun with him, while I can search for a replacement freely. – We will waiting for you at 7 in front of your house.

At home I couldnt choose what to wear. I have a lot of sexy clothes, but which would be the best. After hours of searching, I found a tight black pair of pants, which is ripped at the backside, so my smooth tight will be showing. Then I found a white t-shirt which shows of my back, because of the netted backside. This two would be perfect. Yeah Lee Taemin it would be perfect if you were a bitch, who fucks for money. No… it would be too much. But then which one should I choose. Hmm… my thighs are pretty nice, but people wouldnt notice it as fast as my uncovered back. Okay, so I need another pair of pants. A simple thight grey jeans is enough. I also applied a little eyliner, and I straightened my red hair. After I tought I was ready I checked myself int he mirror. Hmm, Taemin you look extremly delicious. As I got in front of my house, Key and Jongyhun had already waited for me. I walked to the car, and knocked ont he window. Key got his tounge back in his own mouth and looked at me like I would be a serial killer. But hey, I just want to go to that freaking party. After that awkard moment Jonghyun hyung let me in his car, and we left. I was really bored during the ride, so I looked around int he car. I opened a drawer, and guess what I found? No! A loads of condoms arranged in lines, hmm… the red ones must be strawberry flavored. I borrowed two piece, I’m sure he won’t miss them. I tried to avoid the lot of images which are flowing in my mind about umma and Jongie having sex all night long. They must have a lot of stamina.

It was rather small club, but as I saw there are still VIP rooms. Maybe latter I will use them. Haha… I went to the bartender immediately and ordered a vodka with orange juice. And then one more, and one more. After I started to feel the effect of the alcohol, I went to the dance floor, maybe there will be some really good looking guy to seduce.
Okay there must be something wrong. I have already tried to hypnotize 3 fucking guy with my sexiness but they all refused me. What happened? It must be because of that idiot teacher. He took my luck? Or my beauty? NOOO! That cant be true. I ran to the restroom to check myself in the mirror. I clearly see nothing. I’M still as stunning as I was before I left my house, apart from the swear covering me and my eyes are a bit clouded because of the alcohol. But It just makes me even more desirable, dont you think so? Aish… why am I so desperate, in normal case they try to get me. Yeah thats right, so I just need to wait till they come to me and try to make their way on me. I headed back to the dance floor, and I was having fun carefree. The next thing I remembered was a hot, sweaty body which pressed against my back, one arm snaked around my waist. He started to kiss my neck, and huged me even more thighter so I couldnt turn around. Hey Mister! I couldnt even see your face but you try to rape in this crowd. Okay he must be really ugly if he doesnt want to face me. But I’ll be gracious and give him this dance. He was kinda good, I mean he could move his hips like hell. He sucked on my neck, and I moaned and I let my head fell onto his broad shoulders. Hey like this I can see his face… Wait he is…. Noooooo, He cant be Minho!

A/N: I know in this chapter Taemin maybe a bit too narcissist  XD

comments are beloved ^^


June 13th, 2011

Mr. oh-so-sexy

Title:Mr Oh-so-sexy
Pairing: 2min, slight: Jongkey
Rating: NC-17
Genre:Fluff, humor, romance
Warning: English is not my native language, so sorry for my mistakes ><

Can you imagine how terrible is to have the most sexy man on earth is your headteacher? Especially if He teaches something as boring and hard subject as Chinese? I think you cant, unless you are one of my classmate. So, yeah we have this teacher Mr. Choi, who totally waste his life in such a boring school, instead of being an underwear model, with god like body. But noooo he doestn have any intention to be a fucking model, or maybe – which would be a lot better – a gay porn star. Hmmm… yeah that would be so fucking amazing, I wonder how big his tool is… Okay Lee Taemin stop this, if you dont want to have a boner. Anyway here he is, and insted of make my life the 7th heaven he makes it a complete trash. Just because I dont understadn Kajis, okay Actually I dont really care about studying them. But hey… why cant I study english instead? Its a lot more easier… Or at least I think so.
Now I’m heading to my classroom, where I will have a super boring lesson with Mr Why-arent-you-a-fuckin-pedophil. I’ll be late, but I like to be late from his classes, because he would pay more attetniton to me insted of all the other nerds.
-M.r Lee, you are late again.
-Yeah, I know, sorry Songsaemin. I’ll try to be faster next time
-Try is not enough, if there is no will. Sit down, and stay after the class. – he said emotionlessly. Oh you are so cold… I would definitely heat up your heart, and maybe some ather parts of yours. Talking, and talking, and talking and oh howv much I love him hearing saying those funny chinese words. They really hears silly, but from his mouth, its so much different. He is like a god, I say.
-Hey, you little brat, stop drooling – poked my seatmate. Hmm.. maybe I was to ovious?
-Huh? Everyone do so, why souldnt I?
-Because it disgusts me. – told me in a high pitched voice.
-It’s your problem Key.
-Dont be so cold, to your lovely umma. – he said hurted.
-Aish, just because you have your puppysaurus, and you are so fuckin’ happy with him, it doesnt mean that everyone has a greek god in his bed.
-Stop swearing Taeminnie. And I told you to come with me to the club where I meet Jongie. – smiled and he was about to melt right there only from the imagitnation of his boyfriend.
-Yeah, and you told me I need to go home after 10 pm.
-Because you are underaged. – looked at me askingly.
-I dont care. Then I’ll drooling over him till I become old enough to go to some bdsm club.
-WHAT? – screamed, and stood up Key.
-Whats the problem Mr. Kim? – asked the teacher.
-I… I… just… Taemin… ah.. forget it. Sorry songsaemin. – bowed his head down adn than sat beside me again.
The rest of the lesson was really unmemorable, I dont even know the homwork for tomorrow. But who said I want to? Sp after the lesson which was my last class today, and I have 1 and a half hour – which I usually spend with Key – till my dance curse begins. But not now, cause I have to stay here with the living temptation who thinks he can make me study just because he asks me nicely. But asking is not enough. I think…well nothing is enough.
-Mr. Lee come here – pointed to the desk in front of the teacher table. As I looked around everyone had left the room. Only me and my lovely super boring teacher. I have a lot of idea what we could do together only the two of us. Hmm.. I licked my lips as thousands of pictures flow into my mind of me and Mr. Choi. I slowly walked toward him smirking. Why cant he be a normal human? Being a teacher is awful, you cant bang your innocent, super cute students like me. – I pouted at the tought.
-Mr. Lee – aish… again this formality. – if you wont write your next test at least 3 you will fail and you will need to repeat this year.
-WHAT??? I cant write a 3! And I dont want to fail… I dont want one more school year. I’ll commit suicide instead. – I paniced, and my breath started to go faster.
-I have an awesome idea – He smiled.
- An idea? Thats right, What is it? – I calmed down, and my breath become more steady.
-You. Should. Study. – he said slolwly, and I looked at him blankly.
-This is your fucking awesome idea? – I screamed again.
-YOur mouth. – he smirked. – So the only way not to fail is to start study. – I have just wanted to talk when he silented me with his hand on my mouth. What the HELL??? – you can have extra lessons from me, so you will have more time to practise. And I’ll help you in everything I can. But… - at this point I woke up from my awe that he touched me, and I started to lick his fingers. Childish? Maybe, but who cares? – Hey you little brat! – he snaped
-Your Mouth! – I smiled victoriously.
-Stop joking! If you dont need my I help, then I leave. – he stood up.
-No… aish… dont go. I… just dont want to fail. – I tryed to look a little sad. But How could I pretednt to be sad if he Mr. Ohsofuckingsexy told me he would give me – only me – extra lessons.
-Okay. I’ll stay. Then tell me what time is good for you.

And yeah this was the begining of my hell ater school. I really thought it would be the best thing on earth to be with my favourite teacher. But it is just unbearable. He is always so close to me, and I have a boner almost everytime. And his scent omfg! So the main point is that I have extra class with the most good-looking man every school day. And I cant touch him, Because…. Because…. Well Why, What would happen if I have sex with him? Okay not so far… so wath if I rape him? No, I mean kiss him. Hmm.. nothing important I think. So Taemin fighting! Its your day.

He was behind me and looked at me, and waited for me to finish the exercise he gave me. If I hunch my back like this it would touch his chest hm… it feels good.
-Mr. Lee what are you doing?
-Hmm? – I turned around and looked at him innocently – My back is aching from sitting too much – I explained inching closer to him.
-Then, you can have a little rest. - And he steped farther from me.
He turned away and walked to the windows, he told he to come back in 10 minutes. He was leaning to the window and looked down to the ground of the school. Silently I walked behind him and I huged him.
-What!! –he turned around. Why does he look at me like I killed someone and I’ve jsut bathed in his blood? Maybe he is frigid. So it’s my time to heat him up. I looked deep in his eyes and I leaned closer to his face so I could kiss him finally. He realized what I’m trying to do, but he was late, I have already kissed him. HIM!! Can you belive it? Mr oh-so-too-sexy-to-be-a-teacher-but-he-is-that! I tryed to deepen it, and oh my fucking god, he kissed me back. His tounge entered my mouth so smoothly, I cant belive it. But –to my saddness – he soon – too soon – ended our sweet sweet kiss.
-What the hell are you doing? – He shouted at me.
-I kissed my favourite teacher – I smiled, ah I think I’ll never ever be able to get rid of this satisfied smile. – And It wasnt just a one sided kiss – laughed.
-Dont you ever try to do it. – steped away.
-Oh, why not? What would you do? Take me to your bed next time? Then I’m looking forward to it. – And I puckered my lips to give him one more kiss, but he just pushed me away. ME! The super cute, innocent, baby face maknae of this class. Is it allowed? When I have already get back to reallity, he was walking away
-The tutoring time is over, you should find another teacher who would give you extra lessons, in order not to fail. – and he wanted to leave
Nooo. You cant run away from me. I followed him, and jump onto his back.
-Please, Mr Choi. I’ll be a really good student, I’ll stay away from kissing you in class.
-But please, I’ll not try to seduce you. – I smiled sweetly.
-Heh? Does it want to be a compromise.
-Yeah. I think its pretty acceptable.
-No its not – he gave me a weird look.
-But please – I know I’m annoying, I even annoy myself, but hey it’s just the neccessary bad in order to get what I want *thanks to Key umma who tought me this trick* I just need to whine a little more, and he will gave in.
-No, you are the worst student I’ve ever seen. I really have no intention to teach you anymore. If you want to fail, then you are ont he right way.
-Heey, I dont want to fail, what makes you think it? Why am I pleading to you? I want you to teach me. Pleaseeee.
-Okay one more chance – he gave in. I told you. – No more whining, no more swearing, no more bad behaviour, and Its also valid to the regular lessons.
-How strict – I grimaced.
-What did you said?
-So, now can you climb down from my back?
-If you want it that much – and I walked back to my seat.

 A/N: Thanks for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Comments are beloved ^^
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